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Since that first post in 2009, My Iced Tea has seen visitors from Russia, Canada, Slovenia, Germany, France, and Israel to name a few.

And I've noticed that the posts below have garnered the most page views and shares. People just keep coming back to them.

So whether you're new or have read them all before, here are My Iced Tea's Greatest Hits! All in one convenient place.

Letter to my sons--The title says it all. After learning of a terrible tragedy I penned a letter to my boys should anything ever happen to me before I am able to tell them all that I want them to know.

One by One--What's youth without a little tomfoolery thrown in for good measure. This post tells the story of the "Come to Jesus" moment that effectively ended my devotion to organized religion (OR).

Seeing past my shades--A nice little follow-up to the post above, this post tells of catharsis post-OR.

Cry if I wanna--I ran the 2011 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. This is the story. I still tear up thinking about it.