Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My book is READY

The Diggery 3 look as happy as I am.

We are in the FINAL stages of my interactive children's book release!


 "The Diggery 3" will go LIVE on the Meegenius website and app in less than 48 hours.

I have been anxiously waiting for you all to read this quirky story about 3 siblings who love to build and create. And just wait until you see the amazing illustrations by Tyler Parker. His drawings are such a great enhancement. Mr. Parker makes my story and characters just jump off the pages.

This read-along book will be set at the "can-not-be-passed-up" price of $2.99! So don't wait and miss the fantastic introductory price.

The Meegenius read-along bookstore can be viewed FREE online and is also available as a FREE downloadable app for your Android, iPhone, of GoogleTV. So go familiarize yourself with Meegenius now so you can be the FIRST one to check out my book, "The Diggery 3" on Thursday!

I am so excited. Can you tell?

Good! Now please go help me spread the word.