Friday, March 1, 2013

MAKERS is Everything

I am a lover of history. So when Twitter was all aflutter about PBS's new documentary, Makers, which chronicles the Women's Movement in the United States I immediately began salivating.

Let me tell you, Makers did not disappoint. I learned so much from the 3 videos which are all just under an hour long and currently available online. Keeping with that number I will share three things I gleaned from the viewing experience:

1. As a woman who has played sports, worked after becoming married, ran a marathon, and uses birth control I have directly benefited from the women who fought/marched/ran/litigated so that I could lawfully do those seemingly basic things.  Some of which were unheard of/illegal when my grandmother was a girl

2. These were REAL WOMEN, not saints. They made missteps and mistakes. But the fact remains that the individuals who supported this movement wanted equal rights and protections under the law for women. Not exceptionalities. Just equal opportunities for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

3. It does not matter what you call yourself if we are all working toward the same goal. I spent a tremendous amount of time with my great Aunt before moving to Georgia. She is 78 and would never call herself a feminist, but she would call me and tell me to invest my own money in my own account. To complete my degree. To turn down a position she felt was beneath me. To love my boys and husband, but to more importantly love myself enough to make sure I am whole and well.

Here is the first installment of the documentary: