Monday, February 18, 2013

About this Life

We are getting more settled in our new home/state/environment everyday and I am missing my old job, my moms (yes plural), and run friends more and more each day.

My current job hunting has brought up an extra dose of wistfulness. Before we left Illinois I worked for an amazing non-profit that trained me, nurtured me, and trusted me to deal 1-on-1 with students, teachers, and volunteers. We worked with generally low-income/high-need learners on a daily basis.

It really gave me life.

Because after searching, volunteering, and trial & error I had stumbled upon my dream job. And now it's gone.

So I'm back in the market for work. And it's tough out here. I'm pretty much dedicated to the non-profit sector, but with that also comes many minuses. Fair pay is a big one. Although these types of organizations operate on fewer funds than their for-profit counter-parts some still find a way to mimic the discrepancies between administrative and ground level staff pay; on par with that of corporate America.

I commiserated with a friend in the non-profit sector about these elusive negotiation processes and the frustration wrought by the talk really strengthened my resolved to become the change I want to see.

I want to create/fund/work with an organization that serves the educational needs of the community. From child to teen to parents. To offer solutions, help, and directions that work to eliminate the cycle of poverty in pockets of America. 

And I want to do that while fairly compensating my staff. Because while people can support you and believe in you, they ultimately burn out or become resentful when they are underpaid and overworked. Trust me I know.

Who knows where my family will evidential plant our roots, but whether its with my beloved literacy organization from home, or a place of my own. I'm about this life: living, learning, sharing, paying.