Thursday, January 31, 2013

This is

Right after Thanksgiving I received one of the best emails of my life. It was the Vice President of Content at Meegenius, an interactive book platform/publisher telling me one of the editors thought "The Diggery 3," a book I had submitted many moons ago had potential. And would I like to work with them?

I immediately began jumping up and down, as is my fashion when I'm excited. I ran into the kitchen to tell my husband and hug him and continued to be too bouncy to be contained.

Since then the editors and I have smoothed out the text, the illustrator has sent sketches and revisions, and my book baby is getting the layout formatted and narration set!

When the Producer in charge of my book sent the final illustrations last night (after the initial jumping and running to show the family) I became so overwhelmed with emotion I hurried back upstairs to call my mom.

I don't know what came over me. But the move. The house. Now my book. Still unpacking. I was just a bundle of tears.

Before bed last night I read a blog post about people feeling they deserve certain things in their lives. In the comments readers were divided on whether people "deserved" happiness. Or just erroneously felt entitled to it.

Buddhism has a term/principal: idappaccayata. Which means; This is, This becomes. I take that to mean what is, is what will come. What is cultivated, is what will grow. There is no deserving here. Just cause and effect.

Only what is and what becomes. And sometimes what becomes reduces you to tears. Explodes into happiness. Fills you with joy.