Monday, October 1, 2012

You got this

No one finishes a race without support

I was speaking with someone Friday. Telling her some of the things I have going on now and things that are coming down the pike. And she looked a bit taken aback at the totality that is my everyday life. What she said next sounded a bit like my Fairy Run Mother....

"You've got this. You are going to be okay." 

"Think of this as a marathon and you're heading toward the last 6 miles. Marathons are hard, but they are mostly mental."

At this point, a little teary eyed I interjected, "But I have run a marathon! And this is harder than that!"

She shook her head, "But you've got this. You'll be okay."

And just in case I still doubted that advice the universe gave me a break. On Saturday morning, after many tears and dollars and tutor sessions I passed the Math portion of my IL Teacher Test of Academic Proficiency.

I can not fully express the load this passing score has lifted off of my chest. I am still pinching myself to see if it's real. If this mile of the marathon is truly done.

It must be...since I can hear those strong women in my ear saying, "See, we told you you've got this."