Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Be where you are

I was recently reading by Leo Babauta about being present in the space you are currently in. To cease scrabbling for more, better, faster and simply enjoy where you are.

That's something I've only done a handful of times. Most recently, during our family vacation to Minnesota I was able to leave all my baggage at home and just enjoy the moment. And I do realize that the most awesome times of my life have been when I've forgotten my goals and objectives and just existed.

But doing so more frequently and mindfully is a constant struggle for me. I sometimes think living zen is easier for people who have never wondered whether a bill would be paid, or if their children were receiving adequate education and opportunities  That perhaps stillness is for those who have never had to question their basic safety and well-being.

Then I remind myself that zen is a state of being. Not a state of circumstances. People who are imprisoned can find zen. People who are poor can find peace. People who find themselves in a strange land can still become centered.

Being where you are is about your spirit, not your postal address. And that is the truth I must remember.