Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Balancing Act

As a parent, I want so much for my children. And I am seeing more clearly with each passing day that I have less control over the plethora of experiences my boys will experience. In fact, I believe I actually will have a more lasting and vivid imprint on the way one can and should react to the world around us.

Through my life I am teaching these boys how to face their fears. How to deal with disappointments, unfairness, and defeat. I am one of their many examples on how to ask for help or reject it altogether. A two-way mirror on how to cool down after an argument or simply simmer to explode yet again.

Thinking this way helps me to put the big and little things into perspective.

Children are resilient. I know I was.

No, I may not have everything in the exact order as I wish, but I can still teach my boys how to thrive. And question. How to seek knowledge and continue to grow.

And that counts for something. A lot, actually, it counts for a lot.