Monday, September 10, 2012

With a little help

I finally buckled down and got a math tutor for the new Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency. Waiting so long to seek out help made absolutely no sense. But that is exactly what I did. Yesterday we spent an hour and a 1/2 working on practice problems and I honestly feel better equipped already.

It's funny because I know math is not my strong suit. Yet, I pretty much felt if I just kept trying I'd eventually figure it out. Then my husband said that the investment into a tutor was worth more than the trial, error, and defeat of retaking the same test with the same skills.

The funny part is that I'm generally the person that suggests we should look for help. I have no qualms about marriage counseling, therapists, expert advice, or GPS. If I don't know something I know there is a way I can find someone or something that will help me figure things out.

But apparently (and with great irony) my own education is one of my blind spots. Because I preform well in most of the things I need I often think I can just power through the areas that require support.

There's nothing wrong with getting by with a little help from our friends/tutors/therapists.