Monday, September 24, 2012

As fast as you can

As they say...Run happy!
I have a natural proclivity towards drowsiness, which I have to fight like the plague. Running is one way I kick the lazy.

This Sunday I ran for the first time as a Race Ambassador for the 2nd Annual Fort2Base Race. I was joined by hundreds of other runners including my husband, one of my favorite guys, and some awesome ladies from my women's run club.

In fact, my Fairy Run Mother (from my 1st ever run club) won her age division.

As we got ready to line up for the start I asked my husband why do we continue to sign up for these things? It's usually cold, our legs get tired. And sometimes my lungs hurt.

But there's just something about racing that keeps pulling me back. I think its those precious minutes that turn to hours (if you're lucky) where you lose yourself in the miles and the music. It's hard to explain, but its worth finding out.