Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's my motivation?

Self renovation is hard. Telling myself that a behavior is unhealthy and then consciously working to adjust that behavior takes a lot more effort than most would want or expect.

You think, "This needs fixing, I will fix it."

But the motivation behind the behavior does not immediately change just because you've pinpointed the flaw. For example, I may determine that smoking cigarettes is bad for my health and decide to quit smoking.

My decision to cease smoking, although positive, may not acknowledge my initial reason for smoking. Was stress my smoke trigger? Boredom? Anger?

Unless the motivating factor is exposed and dealt with my unhealthy habit of smoking will be replaced by another (more than likely) equally unhealthy habit.

Discovering your true motivation is where things can get sticky. To find the method to your madness you must self reflect. Ponder the past. Think on current events.

And although this process can be uncomfortable it can also be freeing. You may discover that you just don't care enough to let XYZ bother you in to creating any more empty habits.

Or you may find that ABC was so traumatic that you need to call up some professionals to help you purge the pain.

Whatever the source of our personal motivations we must ultimately decide to get our hands dirty as we work toward a fresh and clean slate.