Monday, August 27, 2012

The simple life

I am in the process completing my last Foundation of Teaching class before I enter the practicum (where I start going into a school for projects and teaching, etc.). Hip hip hooray!

The biggest takeaway from this summer term has been learning how to assess student learning and developing competencies to measure their progress.

It's something many highly effective teacher's practice. Setting benchmarks for their kids and then tracking the growth. It sounds so simple, yet many students go through classes and coursework every year never knowing what they are expected to learn and whether they have indeed learned it.

On a personal level I can see how that could be problematic. Imagine floating through life with no benchmarks. Nothing to measure yourself against. Or perhaps having benchmarks, but failing to adjust them to the reality of your life and the frequent shifts of your needs and perspective.

If I had to lay out a (rather broad) life objective it would be: To lead a simple life with love and peace.

The tricky part with me is that I LOVE to fill up my time. Pack my days FULL of activity. Pencil in appointment after appointment into my calendar. Which is not simple and sometimes counter-productive to me peace of mind.

So I'm learning to accept my reality. Which is that I DO need to be committed to something (i.e. tutoring,volunteer work), but I also have ongoing responsibilities to my children, spouse, and grand-family to consider.

Assessing my comfort level and changing things up accordingly will be a step toward my objective of simplicity and peace.

Which its something every teacher knows, small steps lead to greater progress.