Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The average day

Photo by AP photographer Gregory Bull

As a child I really truly believed in fairy tales. I believed that one day some handsome responsible guy would meet my mom and whisk us all away to sudden, but permanent stability and happiness.

We'd have a huge house. Plenty of food. And wonderful family vacations.

One day millions of dollars would be given to our family and all our problems would go away.

I honestly thought that people who had things/relationships/happiness were just supremely lucky. They had somehow won the "life lottery".

"The rest of us were just waiting for our number to come up."

What I've learned since then is that even though some people do win "life's lottery" (i.e. heirs and heiresses) lasting success/happiness/progress is attained through steps.

Everyday getting up and working on ourselves, our jobs, or relationships. It's so easy to think that if we had just one thing it would be the cure-all for everything. But that's just not the case.

Tiny little steps and precious little actions. They are what we build into the product of our lives. It's the various moments that determine our direction/projection.

"The ugly, boring work that brings enlightenment."

Pretty much every person in the universe knows who Gabby Douglas is right now. But she was Gabby Douglas before her medals. She was Gabby Douglas as she trained and exercised and became sculpted into the beautiful Olympian we see today.

A few days ago told my husband that I would love to have her (Gabby Douglas') legs. But in reality I do not need her legs. I just need to make my way to the nearest gym/trail/bench press and craft the ones I already have.

There is a certain beauty in knowing that. That my life is the sum total of my actions/decisions/encounters.

Even if my "Playdoh" isn't as shiny and new as the others, I can still mold it into something beautiful. Something I can be proud to show my children.

It just puts the average day into a different perspective don't 'cha think?