Monday, August 20, 2012

Our sands

My husband and I attended a lovely wedding ceremony yesterday. The bride and groom had been together for a while and there were already children. Yet couple seamlessly incorporated their daughters into the ceremony. And it was simply beautiful.

After exchanging rings the couple had their daughters join them at the alter for a sand ceremony. There were three flasks of colored sand. One for the bride, the groom, and the children. The minster stated that after the sands were combined into the new single flask it would be impossible to remove the particles into individual containers ever again.

And so it would be for their family. Forever intertwined.

This was the part where I got teary-eyed. Because that analogy was so very true. When the girls grow up and move away they will still be connected to their parents. And whether the parents love, honor, and cherish forever or eventually divorce they will all still be irrevocably intertwined.

There is no undoing/untangling of the lives that they have lived together. The memories created and the trials overcome.

Then I thought of my cousin, who (because he is lucky enough to live in Illinois) was able to marry his husband and permanently commit and intertwine his life with his love in the eyes of the state. And although I've supported marriage equality for a while this heterosexual wedding just reaffirmed what I know to be true.

Love, family, and commitment (in their myriad forms) are undeniably beautiful and very much worthy of acknowledgement.