Monday, August 6, 2012

No clothes

Remember that story about the boy that dares to tell the Emperor he has no clothes on? With hundreds of thousands of adults standing around pretending not to noticed the Emperor's exposed buttocks. But the child does.

He sees it and he tell everyone so.

As we age there is a necessary filter process that grows as we mature. It works as a screen between our thoughts and our actions/words.

We learn that everything that springs to mind need not be spoken. Yet there are times when the uncomfortable truth must be spoken.

When remaining silent is just plain wrong.

I think, even in those times when we know something must be done, it is not always easy to speak up. Or reach out.

Fear can make us just hope someone else will take the risk in being honest. That someone else will bear the responsibility.

And if they don't? What then? What will we do with our humanity?

Will we help or hush?