Monday, August 13, 2012

Go hard

In America we have this phrase "a self made man", which generally means a person who has pulled themselves up by their own efforts or bootstraps to become something or someone special.

An accomplished and fulfilled person without any assistance. Any hand-ups. Any shortcuts.

Only, the notion of a self made anything is a complete illusion. How can anyone become greater than himself without the help of others? Whether it be the tutor who taught him to read. The passerby that gives him a ride. The parent who encourages and cajoles them to success.

"There is always someone in our world that is offering us support"
 Even when it seems lonely and frightening out here, someone somewhere cares. But what we humans sometimes do is shut ourselves off from the love, support, and accountability we all need. We figure we can make it out here alone.

But loneliness brings despair, and despair begets desperation. And desperation causes us to act out in ways that are beneath our human dignity.

We need teams, sisters/brothers, mentors, lovers. We need the warmth and wisdom that human interaction brings.

No man has ever reached his full potential alone. Olympians have coaches. Steve Jobs had a partner. Oprah has Gail. Jesus had 12 disciples, and Buddha had some too.

Its so easy to isolate ourselves when things get tough or hard and our make-up starts to smear. But that is when we need our teams the most.

This is something I have to work especially hard at, because when I start to stress I want to crawl into myself and disappear. But what I've learned as of late is that crawling away is not only selfish (because I shut off the people that love me) but harmful as well.

"I know I go hard for my team, so I have to let them go hard for me as well."