Friday, August 17, 2012


ME and some lovely ladies from WRTW after a 5K Disco race

I love, love, love running women!

~Happy Six Word Friday! Our prompt for August is: FUN.~

I must say I'm having a great time with my new running club, aptly titled Women Run The World. I trained pretty much solo for the 2011 Chicago Marathon. Which as you can imagine was fulfilling, yet lonesome. This year, at the coaxing of my Run Fairy I linked up with her co-ed club for Saturday runs. They provided both motivation and accountability.

Then a few months ago a cousin added me to a Facebook running group for women and I haven't looked back. There's something about having partners that puts a little pep in your step. Makes you run a little longer/further/more often. 

So this post is dedicated to all the women supporting other women in healthy lifestyles. 

Who runs the World? Girls!