Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A word from our sponsor

~This post has been interrupted by a "Pep Talk to myself". The official sponsor of my Zen.~

You feel overwhelmed right now. That is okay.

Embrace the feeling and look around you.

Why do you feel overwhelmed? Downcast? Defeated?

When I look around this room of overwhelm-ment I see hundreds of thousand of "I's" floating around.

"I have to make this better" "I have to get them help" "I have to keep working" "I have to be strong"

Your "I's" seem invincible, but in reality they are shallow pieces of pride. A belief that you can make/do/control things.

You control nothing but your actions and intentions. Do not make believe that you control the outcome of others.

Release yourself from your "I's" and you will feel the dejected-ness ease away. 

Separate yourself from the outcome of others and you will gain strength.

Inhale. Now exhale slowly and blow the "I's" away.

~You have reached end of this installment of "Pep talk to myself" the official sponsor of my Zen.~