Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My down

Things have certainly been heavy around here lately. Though I would still say it has been a necessary occurrence. To have progressed from the angst ridden posts on success to the reflective processes of gratitude has been cathartic.

Despite Contrarily, because of my recent proximity to death and enriched mental health awareness I feel a lightness within myself. A release of sorts. A consciousness of the freedom that everyday life provides. Freedom that previously alluded me.

I feel as though I have been fighting myself for years to just accept myself as human. Flawed, but still worthy of self acceptance and respect.

If I could describe the feeling currently residing in the center of me.... it would be that of a duck that plunges into a glistening body of water and immediately dips her head below the surface. As she resurfaces and gives a shake beads of water disperse all around her. Both into the air and back into the lake. Gently she glides along the surface, her down reflecting in the sun.

Today my down is simply enough for me.