Monday, July 2, 2012

Judging many

I was such a judgmental child/teen coming up. I had very definite views about the world and about how people should live. And while I've always strived to treat people kindly, I know my thoughts about their behavior affected the way I often interacted with others.

As I've grown a bit older I no longer harbor the illusion that my way is the best way for everyone. In fact, I actually found out that MY way wasn't neccesarily the best WAY fo me.

"To each his own"
We all have our own battles, burdens, and decisions to make.

Practicing the "Live and let Live" principle isn't some apathetic mumbo gumbo.

It's an actual way to release the stresses that come with trying to manage other peoples's actions and beliefs. And in the same token we start the process of freeing ourselves from our own self condemnation, or judgement.

We could all use a bit of freedom.