Friday, July 27, 2012

Good, bad, ugly

Sitting with an elder at the 
doctor's office a few days ago 
I gazed at this person I 
love and experienced a tiny revelation. 
"People make and live their choices. 
Good, bad, ugly, sweet, painful, bliss. "

And the most interesting part is 
that the choices that hurt the 
most are not necessarily the ones 
others would change. Because each life 
must be lived in it's entirety 
by it's individual, it's probably best 
for us to love, honor, and 
give space for the people around 
us to truly live. As I 
looked at my elder in the 
twilight of her life I wondered 
which turns she would take if 
given a fresh/newly cleaned slate. 
Which boys would she date and 
dances would she attend. And I 
realized that she would not change 
much at all. She has lived 
her life largely on her own 
terms. No sense going back and 
regretting it now. The thought put 
a smile on my face and 
in my heart. Each day as 
it comes, our choices to make.

~~Happy Six Word Friday! The prompt for July is: FOUND.~~

 What I discovered this week during a quiet moment while waiting for a doctor to return is that I am less fit to judge the lives lived by others than I had previously thought. Many people are perfectly happy with the choices and decisions they make. And if they aren't there isn't much I can do about it anyway. 

Life is a constant evaluation about the things that are important to us. Children, career, school, fun, faith. Our order of operations changes from time to time to reflect our current values. But the crux of the matter is being sure that we can live with ourselves when we are 78 years old and waiting for the doctor to return with a verdict. 

That's what I've found.