Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Something else

I consider myself a life-long learner. If I find something interesting I'll go look it up and devour whatever information I can. But even with all my interests and enthusiasm I couldn't possibly absorb all that life has to offer.

That's where friends and relationships come in. It's so nice to be around people who know more than I do. At least about a particular subject. It's like talking to living, breathing dictionaries.

I've always loved that. Learning from someone. Especially when it's on accident or serendipitous.

So this post goes out to my guy Sef for helping me out on the social media front. Check out his site which features ALL things Kindle.

Thanks to his help you can now subscribe to this blog on YOUR Kindle e-reader.

Also, be looking for an updated, more comprehensive, and utterly awesome My Iced Tea this summer!