Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No. 1

 If there's a message that seems to assert itself day after day. Chat after chat. It's that people are who they are.

There is no changing personalities, ideologies, habits, or preferences. We can lay out information. We can present knowledge. But we can not change a single, solitary person.

That type of internal changing of the guards, shifting of habits comes from within. It comes from that inner voice that beckons us all to listen.

And inside of my heart, I soooo want to be ZEN

As in, less anxious, more peaceful. Less stressed, more aware. But that process takes time and practice. It takes acquiring knowledge and putting it into action.

And some days it seems as if I can't even change the one person I control.  ME.

Still that inner voice persistently tells me that I can.

And I believe her. I have to.