Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I hear them

I hear voices all the time. Voices that tell me when I'm full. Reminding me that I want candy. Asking for water. Telling me what time to pick up the kids.

And when I'm out on the trail running my brain really starts going. Relax your arms. I can hear my breathing. Just make it to the next clearing. Check behind you. Who let their dog poop on the trail?

The current lesson I am trying to learn is how to listen to the reasonable voices when I become overwhelmed, angry, or flustered. Because it's usually then that I shut them out or off. How can I better respond to a child that isn't cooperating? Or to a spouse that's pushing buttons?

My first step is to try to become mindful of the triggers that lead me to anger or a sense of helplessness. If I can see them coming I can better prepare an appropriate response.

If everyday at 1pm my children start to lose their minds and in turn I lose mine. What can we do to be ready at 1? Could we have quiet time so everyone is separate? Or perhaps a family walk.

And when a spouse's quibbles lead to irritation. What can be done to counteract my initial short response? hmmmmm....still working on that one

But I'm sure the voices will think of something.

*Image Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net*