Monday, May 7, 2012

Rolling with the Punches

It's so funny how little sayings that pop up in everyday conversation usually link back to profound meanings.

On Saturday/Cinco de Mayo I watched the Cotto/Mayweather fight.

(Floyd Mayweather is an undefeated, uber-talented, trash talking African American boxer. He was set to fight Miguel Cotto, an also undefeated, skilled tactician, and Puerto Rican title holder.)

Everyone was expecting a good fight, but I think few realized how close the fight would turn out to be. Floyd Mayweather is such a formidable opponent that when you order a Pay Per View fight, you are pretty much signing up to see just how bad he beats down the competition.

But on Saturday I  think many realized for the first time just how comparable Cotto was in the ring.

These two boxers had truly met their match. At times Mayweather appeared surprised at the strength of Cotto's punches. In fact, one of the people at the Cinco de Mayo party remarked that Saturday was the first time he had seen Mayweather  bleed.

But it wasn't long before the true beauty of Mayweather's talent shone through even as his opponent began to amp up.

After wondering aloud if there were a chance that Floyd would lose this one, I recall the announcer remarking on how well Mayweather was "Rolling with the punches".

And that's just what I saw unfold. Mayweather's back was against the ring and Cotto was giving it to him. And he rolled with it. Left and right and left. And then BAM! He let loose on Cotto. Repeatedly!

After the fight Mayweather remarked that he hadn't expected the fight to be easy. And as evidenced by his body language, having a true opponent seemed to have pumped him up.

Here's a guy whose body had just taken more of a beating than it had in a long time, and he was rejoicing.

Floyd looked genuinely happy to have fought someone worthy. And that kinda inspired me.

No, life is not always easy. And we get roughed up sometimes. But there is a feeling you can only get after meeting your match and whipping him.

At times we all have to "Roll with the punches".

I suppose the difference between winners and losers is whether or not we have that lightening punch ready at the end.