Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This weekend while celebrating the beauty of my grandfather's 80th birthday I got a lesson in perspectives.

During and after his birthday party various family members relayed their remembrances, treasures, and experiences of being in our family. And surprisingly they all had quite different takes.

Life seen through the eyes of the individual in question. 

I can understand how this happens, but it was still a bit unsettling to learn just how how much our points of view can differ, all while living in the same space and time.

The way I was raised and many of the childhood experiences I had were the direct result of my mother's, grandfather's, and uncle's point of view.

An interesting combination.

The whole revelation made me ponder what stories will  my sons tell to their children and each other 50 years from now when it's my turn to be 80.

What will their perspective be?

How different will the takeaways and life lessons be? The answer is something only time can tell.