Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The light

I guess I really have a thing for senior citizens. They are my friends, mentors, confidants, elders.

For someone who can get extremely anxious about seemingly small life choice, seniors are like my Xanax without the prescription.

And although I actively sought out my circle of trusted adults to love and cherish, there are probably some near you too.

Whether it's the coworker that lets you know when it's time to dial it back or surge forward.

The friend who intones that, "The kids are alright." Or a granny that sages, "This too shall pass."

We need our mature citizenry.

Their wisdom and grace and past mistakes.  
The fine wrinkles of a life lived has an strikingly meditative affect on my psyche.  Its as if the universe is reminding me that millions of people have been here before.  And truly, I am not alone.

There is always a light at the end of whatever tunnel I may find myself in.  And if I can not see the light it's likely there's a senior nearby, with a book-light handy to guide me.