Monday, May 21, 2012

Ideally speaking

This is not my back yard. Bummer.

This weekend my Granny-in-law turned 77! We have quite a romp/BBQ/yard party to celebrate.

When all was said and done I felt as though I had run another marathon what with all the serving, cooking, and cleaning. Thankfully there were lots of laughs and hugs to go along with the work.

Now its back to our regularly scheduled programs...

The programs being SCHOOL. SCHOOL. SCHOOL. I am working within a deadline of May 31st for my Diversity and Inclusion class.

Now, ideally my papers would magically write themselves and be written correctly the first time. But since I do not leave in a magical world with an unpaid labor force of adorable woodland fairies I have 2 very real papers that need writing and 2 others that need revision.

Love my life

So my writing will be a bit sparse this week and next. Please bear with me. And check out some old Iced Tea posts linked on the left.

Oh, and wish me swift fingers for typing and benevolent graders to grade my tasks :o)