Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All we've got

As of late I've done a lot of thinking about the value of time. What do I feel "time" is truly worth?
Is it possible to find a perfect mix of both? That would be nirvana; to have my time properly valued as I do the things I love.
But that's not always how things work.
 If I gain the personal fulfillment but not the coinciding appreciation, then what? How does one proceed? I think the answer varies as we progress through life and it's many stages and relationships.

How do you value your time? Is it something of which you freely give? Or a priceless commodity you dole out sparingly?

Here are some things I've learned to not let longer eat up my time:
  1. Other people's problems.
  2. Stress concerning my own problems which can not be immediately solved.
  3. People who do not value (their own or) my time.
  4. Voices telling me I'm not good enough.
A rapper named J.Cole has a song called "Mr. Nice Watch" in which he states,

 "They say time is money/but really its not/if we ever go broke/then time is all we got/and you can't make that back/no you can't take that back"

What really resonated with me is his realization that money comes and goes and what we're left with is time. And can we really put a dollar amount on that?