Monday, April 23, 2012

We gon' take it to the Moon

Have you ever known distinctively when one chapter of your life was wrapping up and a new one was beginning?

Could you almost see the pages of time turning onto a new canvass ready to be written.

Perhaps it's because this is finally the year in which I turn 30 or maybe it's because my B.A. has finally reached full stride. Whatever the reason, I feel as though this is a time of transitioning and growth.

I've mentioned before how I would have goal lists and post note cards in order to visualize and track my life progress and various plans. Those tools have worked well. But this year I chose to use the power of my words and a steady/singular focus to propel me along.

For instance, instead of listing arbitrary course credits I wanted to pass and complete, I decided to try to move as productively as possible through my school term. No minimum number of classes to complete, just a determination to keep myself moving along.

From January until now this new approach has worked well.

So its feel like now is a natural time to refocus and think of new objectives that deserve my focus:

1. Seeking and accepting more responsibility on my job.
2. Publishing the two manuscripts I have ready into app or print form.
3. Forming more organized spending habits.
4. Incorporating clean eating into the family way of life.
5. Strengthening my body.

These are a few of my intentions. What are yours?