Monday, April 9, 2012

Thorns and Roses

Well, the upside of knowing exactly where you went wrong is having the ability to fix it. I inexplicably failed one of my final History exams by a few points this morning. I knew I needed to shore up on the Crusades and the Franks and the Romans and the Visgoths.

But it was Easter weekend. And we headed out to the Botanical Gardens with the crew in tow. And I baked my famous macaroni and potato salad instead of hitting the books.

I knew full well the implications of not studying would have. But I made a choice to enjoy my family and all the activities Easter weekend brings. And that was that.

So I'm going to be kind to myself. Instead of dwelling on how much I needed to study this weekend...I'm going to relish having smelled the flowers and seen my boys find Easter eggs.

And on Tuesday I'll pinch myself and pick back up my history textbook and start taking notes anew. We all know that roses come with thorns, too.