Monday, April 30, 2012

Parental Guidance

I am finally free! I completed the last of my History classes this past Saturday. Now it's on to the Teacher Preparation portion.

Lesson plans, Diversity, Testing, Classroom management. All of which I am ready to delve into. I remember my adopted Irish mum and 12th grade English teacher telling me what a great teacher I would make.

I pretty much blew that off since I knew I wanted to be a newscaster or something. And then, as a teen, my aunt insisted I work in the Children's Church for Sunday School, even though I felt I'd be better suited for older kids.

After a college drop out, marriage, and children an career-focused Army wife I admired steered me toward the ESL tutoring program instead of her marketing needs.

On and on people sought to align me with education as I sought other avenues of activity. And then finally it clicked.
I'm not only good at this, but I enjoy it as well.
I finally stopped fighting what all the people/mentors/surrogates around me had apparently seen in me. And instead I started teaching. And I  haven't stopped yet. As much as I consider myself an independent thinker I realize that sometimes parents do just understand.