Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And there go the scales

It's insane, the sheer number of things we can not see. Things that are completely invisible to us. It wouldn't matter if they were right in front of our faces, under a microscope, on a projector.

There are times we just refuse to see clearly.  Blind until the scales have been removed. Or knowledge imparted.

Instances like this used to drive me crazy. I just wanted to avoid mistakes, or mishaps.

Why can't I just know everything already?

Thankfully I've come to accept the futility of trying to see and understand everything immediately.

Some things just take time. Decisions, observations, logic. It seems that hindsight is the only sight in some cases.

It's akin to walking around with mismatched shoes (which I've done) all day. Only to glance down hours later and finally SEE your shoes. And take notice that they actually don't match. I've had one of those occurrences this week. Only I'd been walking around with this thing for years.

But it just dawned on me, the true nature of the situation. All I can say is that I was blind to it, but now I see. Which makes me smile, because I know I've grown.