Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring sprinting

If you've ever ventured to the Midwest during winter, you probably wanted to turn around and head back to warmer climates. It can be so brutal here with Jack Frost chilling every one's bones. And although this winter had it's days, it was nothing compared to what I've seen in the past.

So suddenly, here we are! Toward the end of March and not a frost in sight. It's pretty weird. Spring seems to be here definitively and I am gearing up for her with abandon.

I just paid to retake the Math portion of the Illinois Basic Skills test. Am finishing up my last two history classes. And excited to be racing in the Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday.

Life has a way of being so topsy-turvy, so I am consciously savoring today. The gentle breeze flowing through the kitchen. The fact that my husband and I are gainfully employed. No phone calls from the boys' school. And no crazies other than me and Laia on the trail this morning (its a scary story).

Cheers to a happy Hump Day!