Friday, March 30, 2012

Handling the truth

I recall reading a book to 
my son and his 4th grade 
classmates. In our story the TRUTH 
had fallen to the earth and 
broken in two. 1/2 was  hopelessly
lost in the fall, yet the
found part contained a message that 
read: You are loved. And all 
the people and inhabitants of the 
earth rejoiced in the message of 
this 1/2 TRUTH. The TRUTH was 
not complete, but it was enough 
for man to glory in. Soon
Earth's people began to war and 
fight tribe against tribe. Every nation 
wanted to possess the TRUTH. Earth 
became so chaotic that a young 
girl embarked on a long journey 
to find the missing part of
the TRUTH. And what she found 
astonished her. When she returned home 
she immediately climbed to the top 
of the tallest tower on the 
highest hill and put the TRUTH
together again for all to see:
You are loved, so are they.
And so the fighting mercifully stopped.

If only we'd accept that TRUTH.

~Happy Six Word Friday! Our prompt was OFFER.~