Monday, March 26, 2012

Everyday I'm shuffling

As much smile as I could muster while running a 10:10min/mile

Sunday was a gorgeous day to race in Chicago. And the racing crowd for the Bank off America Shamrock Shuffle was HUGE.

 40,000 people signed up to race and about 34,000 finished!

Somehow my husband got me to shave 2 minutes off my regular mile time yesterday. Which is something of a big deal. Especially on a race day. I think he may have a solid career in coaching and fitness. And he owes me a back rub.

After running faster than ever I was on a bit of Cloud Nine. It wasn't until I got home that I realized there were no finisher medals or coins. But honestly my racing medals pale in comparison to running with my babe the whole way in.

He shaved 2 mins. from my mile, but I added 3 to his. That's LOVE!

To think, a year ago today I could not complete a mile without taking a break. It's amazing.