Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Do you know this guy?

There is a man named Joseph Kony. And I have joined the global campaign to make him famous in 2012.

So famous and notorious that he will finally be brought to justice.

Kony is the leader of the L.R.A or Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. The L.R.A. is a guerrilla group that wants to bring all Ugandans in compliance with the Biblical 10 Commandments. It is under this religious guise that he brings terror and murder throughout the area. Under his leadership the L.R.A. has abducted/raped/forced over 66,000 children into his army as child soldiers since 1986.

He is enemy #1 on the worst criminals list of the Hague International Court in the Netherlands. The only problem is no one has been able to find and arrest him.

This is about to change. In December 2011, after 8 years of phoning, protesting, letter writing, and hand shaking the Invisible Children organization was able to get through to the Congress and current Administration. President Obama agreed to send American advisers to Uganda to help aid in the apprehension of Joseph Kony.

It should be noted that each time the world has tried to catch this man they have failed, he has regrouped, and redoubled his efforts to recruit children and level the villages of innocent Africans.

But 2012 is the last year of his reign of terror. American citizens have begun to take notice and tell their friends, Congressmen, children, and communities about Joseph Kony and the world community is stepping up it's pressure to take him down.

I join the fight.

Please follow the links in this blog to learn more about the campaign to bring justice and peace to the Ugandan people. Link to the video. And tweet your heart out. Individually we may not be much, but together we can raise awareness and begin on an era where children in Uganda can sleep at home knowing they will not be abducted in the night.