Monday, March 12, 2012

Be true

There is a little grey dotted line between being true to yourself and unintentionally limiting your future based on your past results. As the saying goes, "To thine own self, be true," right?

As we continue to live we come to know ourselves more thoroughly. We realize our likes and dislikes. Note our shortcomings and strengths. And determine the directions we take, based on our past successes and failures.

This general knowledge of self can be a great time-saving and survival tool. Why invest time or energy into things that are not our "cup of tea"? Why set ourselves up for avoidable failures? Just stick to the things we're good at.

Why? Because sometimes trying one more time will yield a win where loss used live. In some circumstances just a few minor adjustments are needed. Several tweaks to our thought processes. Knowing the difference between playing to strength and coping out is where our home team comes in handy.

Those people who know you as well as you know yourself. The people who know when you are capable of more than you're putting out. People who'll tell you to stop the 'scared-y talk' and start approaching your dilemma from a different angle.

And when the home team talks it's up to us to listen and to determine whether we are really be true to ourselves or just skimming the surface.

Now is the time to carve out new truths.