Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just one thing

I saw a Tyler Perry video the other day that talked about how to be successful. I'm usually leery when someone chalks up all their hard work to "blessings, blessings, blessings", which is how Mr. Perry started off his video message.

My general feeling is that "Your blessings don't help me understand how you got to where you are". Saying "grace" made you prosperous is like attributing straight A's in school to "blind luck".  I'd rather you tell me how to study.

Thankfully, I didn't stop his video there. Mr. Perry went on to say perseverance and determination made him keep pressing and trying when nothing was coming together. Many people see his independent media empire as an overnight success or even a fluke. When in fact, he spent years toiling in small theaters. Bank-rolling his own (then) lack-luster productions.

It was through that process of working out the kinks and learning his craft that he ultimately found success. But the most pivotal thing was staying focused. He didn't divert his attention on a thousand little projects. He wanted to write plays. Period.

That point alone resonated with me more than anything else. Focus. Pouring all one's energy into one goal.

Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between what is a needless distraction and what is "LIFE"? How can we live our lives but still remain focused on the main thing? That would be my BIG question for Tyler Perry, Oprah, Paulo Coelho, etc...
How do you keep the main thing THE main thing

I know last year when I trained for the Chicago Marathon I was married to the road. Every week building up miles. Every Sunday just me, a water bottle, and my ipod. Rain or shine. Hours and hours of running.

Perhaps that what he means. The focus and dedication that one needs to run a race is the same drive we must maintain to reach our dreams. Constantly training to reach that one thing. Hmmmm....that's something to think about.