Monday, February 13, 2012

How Whitney killed "Kim"

This weekend Whitney Houston passed away. And I felt so sad upon hearing the news. Even though my husband and I were heading out for a date and I couldn't get her off my mind.

A break out star, Whitney seemed to have hit the lottery of life. Amazing voice. Gorgeous face and body. Famous relatives and a sweet personality that drew people in.

But in the end all that wasn't enough.

Her luck wasn't enough to keep her alive. And that makes me sad. That her decisions stole her beautiful voice and figure. That her choices kept her career from making a full comeback.

I remember when my older sister received the "I wanna dance with somebody" single for maybe her 9th or 10th birthday. We played that little eight track cassette out! Over and over again. Dancing and singing and skipping around the house.

I would even sing "I will always love you" in my bedroom fan. Singing directly into the whir made it sound like I was really hitting those notes.

Whitney was such a beautiful and classy black woman to behold, especially at a time when I would wear pillow cases wrapped around my head as "blonde hair" and tell my sisters to call me "Kim".

Whitney was a sista...a African American woman who was adored for her talent and grace. She didn't change her name or her hair to become lovely. She just was. She'd even work her neck with a little bit of attitude as she belted out her award-winning songs. Whitney gave black girls and me in particular someone to call their own. I didn't need to be a white girl to be pretty, I could be me.

Thank you for being you, Whitney.

I pray her daughter and family heal from this loss. And that we all, both individually and collectively think on the incredible impact our choices have; good or bad. That we're able to draw on the beauty we already have inside ourselves.

I will always love you, Whitney Houston.