Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Feet

I've been selected as an Ambassador for the 2012 Fort2Base 10 Nautical Run. This basically means I'll be spreading the word about this amazing racing experience! I'll also get the opportunity to host a few Fun Runs for those who would like to run together to prep for the race.

Most of you know I picked up running last year in an attempt to quell my fears about turning 30. I have to say between the talks with my grandfather and the miles on the trail, my quest was successful. the big 3-0 is no longer filling me with dread. In fact, I'm kinda of proud that I'll be the first among my homies to cross over.
More about the race!
This race which starts in the historic Fort Sheridan and ends on Great Lakes Naval base is friendly, fun, and fast. With only one hill on the course it makes for happy feet. There are also frequent aide stations and spectators along the course. The two distances are 3 (3.45mi) or 10 (11.5) Nautical miles.  Both of which receive great finisher coins and post-race parties on base.

I hope any of you who live or run in Lake County (and surrounding areas) will come out to run, cheer, or have a beer.

Want to know more? Check out Fort2Base dot com and (@fort2base) or send me a message and hit me up on Twitter (@my_iced_tea).