Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That Sh*t Crazy

What do you do when you find yourself living in a "Twilight Zone"? Experiencing un-necessary foolishness at the hands of people you have no choice but to deal with?

Part of my New Year's goal was to learn to accept the things I cannot change. People are definitely one of those things.

I cannot change my parents. I cannot change my elders. I cannot change my children. I cannot change my neighbors. I cannot change my spouse. My co-workers, siblings, politicians.

They are all integral parts of my life. But at some point they can no longer be intricate parts of my happiness, fulfillment, or joy. My personal peace/joy/sanity has to come from within.

I'm not saying it's easy to look within while all around me people make choices that can negatively impact themselves and others. Or when their decisions seems to only positively impact a select, at the expense of many.

However, at this point I'd rather try to find peace from within versus continuing to seek peace from with out.

Doing otherwise is just crazy.