Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Isn't it interesting the friends/lovers/mentors we pick? The people we choose to be intimate with or share our secrets?

What causes us to choose one person over  another? Which force of nature draws us to one individual while disregarding another? Is it same force that allows us to overlook the flaws our friends but notice the weaknesses of outsiders?

I've been thinking a lot lately, about my circle. How it seems to have an ebb and flow of its own. Expands and contracts without me consciously tending to it. I notice the things that draw me to people.

Openness. Insight. Kindness. Humor. Intelligence.

And I notice other parts organically drifting away. Not far really. But still away. What causes me to love someone who's life is so different from my own? Perhaps it is the differences themselves that create the connections and bridges that bind us together.

The irony of relationships is that sometimes they are simply a catalyst for some dramatic change that will  lead you onto an altogether separate path. Completely different from the one you've started on.

Paths diverge. People progress. Conversations evolve. 

Suddenly you're on another bridge, heading down a different path, waving to the lovers and friends of times past. Still holding hands with those who have never left and possibly new companions you've met along the way.