Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back in Effect

Well, 2011 is in the books. I didn't think I'd take such a long hiatus from My Iced Tea during the month of December, but that's exactly what happened.

I suppose we all need time and space to be fully present in the moment and disengaged from the world.

Saturday, December 31st found me with no elaborate plans for ringing in the New Year. I ended up on the phone with my big sister until the all balls dropped and 2012 began. Which was unexpected but nice.

We talked about the holiday we had just spent together and what 2012 may bring. We discussed the one thing we wanted to accomplish, if nothing else got done. And it all got me thinking about how...

Over the last few years I given myself a long list of goals and ambitions for my life.

For my 27th year of life I wanted to:
  • paint the rooms of my house
  • take in a professional sporting event
  • get more frequent pedicures
  • learn how to change a car tire
  • etc., etc. etc.
For my 28th year I planned to:
  • grow this blog
  • remodel my closet
  • take my boys to a water park
  • increase my course load
  • exercise more regularly

Each set of goals had their twists and turns. My exercise goal turned in a marathon. The water park became swim lessons for the kids. But I definitely painted all the rooms of my house (in colors I'm now ready to change!)

As productive as my lists have been I'm giving myself a break this year. No long lists of feats to accomplish.

There are several things I want to do. But I think I can manage to get them complete without taping bullet points to my mirror. Or graphic organizers to the cork board.
This year I want to live in acceptance, health, & wealth. And I'm sure, one way or another I'll still manage to get 'er done.