Friday, December 2, 2011

Kids these days

I don't think children as a 
species have evolved too much from 
their earlier selves. Happy homo sapiens
who live to eat, love, play. 

Not a bad set-up.  Still their 
small worlds can also be shaped
significantly by forces outside their control.

How can one protect a child
in a world that's rough around 
it's edges? By telling them stories

Lore about the past, cannons about
a future, scrolls that illuminate potential.

Lovely is not always obvious, but 
we can teach our children how
to find it. That's the truth.

~~Today's Six Word Friday prompt is TRUE. And I truly want to thank Melissa for retweeting the link to my Children's Book that is currently resting at 20th place in the Meegenius Author Challenge. Please click the pink star to add your vote and take a while to ponder your truth.~~