Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We are all Penn State

What can I say about the travesty that is the Penn State sex abuse debacle?

Nothing. There are no words in my mouth to form. I've talked with my husband about how some of the initial reactions by the Penn State student body and fans made me feel as someone who has been touched by this plague.

But what else is there for me to say. Reading the details and interviews and emails make me feel like a coward. Like I should have done more to draw attention to the pedophiles that were always in the peripheral when I was a child.

If I had screamed or called 911 when someone made me uneasy or caused the hairs or my arms to raise. Could I have better protected my sisters, myself, or the other girls known and unknown?

The music leaders, youth group volunteers, family friends who were open secrets of perversion. People we girls were warned to be wary of, but who were still given unmitigated access to us.

What is there to say? The evilness is there. It is here.

We are all Penn State.