Friday, November 4, 2011

Things are getting better

While some aspects of our world
are contracting others are expanding. 

Let me explain what I mean:

When we hit rock bottom where 
else is there to go but up? 

When our families are divided how 
else is there to live but 
together? When our knowledge is limited 
what else is there to do 
but learn? And when our material
wealth is lost what else is
there but our valuable lives?

Do you see things getting better?

~~I have missed a few, but Happy Six Word Friday, everyone! I chewed on BETTER for a while and started to write based on a different twist, however this one appeared and it seemed more right.

I heard a member of the clergy speaking on ON BEING and he talked about the economic downturn being a grand opportunity to serve our neighbors. To love one another. To see a need and fulfill it. I am of the same persuasion.

Once we realize how much we have that can be given to others in service we will see how much better our sphere of the world can be.~~