Monday, November 21, 2011

The Funky Bunch

Funky, funky, funky.

That's been my mood has been of late. Just a nagging irritation about various things that I can not change. And I do not wish to release more negativity or stress into the atmosphere. We have enough drama as it is.

So let me instead relay how eternally grateful I am that mistakes and folly can be turned into bliss. How things that we once discarded can become our closest treasure.

One grand thing about life is that few experiences or choices are final. Most actions are continuous loops of cause and effect and effect and effect.

Meaning that even disastrous embarrassments can lead to enlightenment and growth. Failure can spur discovery. Loss can ignite freedom.

Sure the economy sucks, a football dynasty has fallen, politics are rotten, not to mention that the police still do bad things to ordinary people.

But each of these circumstances are catapulting us into action.

How can we build a more secure future for our children? Without banks or politician to count on can't we take the reins of our own future?

What will safeguard our children? Vigilance, renewed vigilance and courage can prevent more children from falling into the hands of waiting predators.

And who will lead our country out of this moral and fiscal slump? (Hint: It won't be Barack Obama or Herman Cain) As communities and individuals and groups will be the ones to take back our country. Not back to unchecked greed and inequality. But back to togetherness and community.

If we shake ourselves out of this slumber and put our hands to the grind maybe the funk will be lifted.

We won't know until we try.