Monday, October 3, 2011

What don't kill me

I've been resisting this post for about a week now. For the simple fact that I haven't run the actually marathon yet, I feel kinda weird saying what running has taught me.

But I can't get the words out of my head. And when that happens, it means I need to write.

By far the biggest lesson training for this marathon has taught me is the important of just shutting up and putting the miles in. Thinking and philosophising have their respective times and places but out on the trail isn't one of them.

At some point the mind has got to stop and the body has got to go.

I would have never gotten my distance up from 1 mile to 20 miles by thinking about the run, I had to just run. And I was so scared when I started. It seems irrational now, but I was terrified.

Nervous I'd hit the wall, which I haven't. Scared I'd fall and break my ankle, which I haven't. Nervous I'd just could not take the miles, but I have.

I truly have taken the miles.  And no matter what my finishing time is on Sunday Oct. 9, 2011 I know that I really can run and train for a marathon. A marathon that was randomly waiting on my bucket list to be completed before I turned 30.

Running has made me stronger. Not just my legs and lungs, but me.

The lady running 26.2 miles three days before her 29th birthday.