Friday, October 7, 2011

Helluva Job

"Why not?" said Steve. Why not
live your dream? Why not pursue 
passion, adventure, and spice? Why not
love, laugh, cry, and fail? "Follow
your heart", said Steve. It knows
what you want. Connect the dots.
Experience love and loss. And Death.

Steve Jobs lived a helluva life.
And we must live ours too.

~~Steve Jobs, the Founder of Apple died this week. Most of my life I thought myself to be a PC, but it turns out I'm a Mac. Listening to his words, and revisiting his nuggets of wisdom have been an inspiration. Steve Jobs was passionate about technology and innovation. Wouldn't it be grand if his death continued to spark and drive us toward new frontiers, as his life did?

The prompt for Six Word Friday was: Why Not. The perfect prompt for an awesome guy.~~